Monday, June 8, 2015

JCS Staff Specialties

Jet Computer Support/JCS Consulting Services
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A Few Examples of the Many Specialties
Jeanette Griffin
JCS Owner | Projects & Meetings Facilitation | Community Impact | Report Development | System Development | Selecting & Implementing New Software | New Hire Selection & Support | Data Analysis | Central Desktop/Social Bridge online collaboration and project management
Dana Clay
837 Encounter Submissions & other HIPAA Standard Transactions | Unix/AIX Admin | Netsmart CMHC/MIS Development & Maintenance | Data Conversion | System Set-up | Meeting Federal & State Data Requirements | Netsmart MIS Upgrades | Automating Processes
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Neil Griffin
HIPAA EDI Translators | Unix/AIX Admin | SQL | 820 Payment & 834 Enrollment HIPAA Standard Transactions | Netsmart Data Warehouse | Technical Writing/Instruction Development | CMHC/MIS mtSchedule | Information Systems Networks
Kelly Nortrom
HIPAA/Security | SQL | Unix/AIX Admin | Audits | 270/271 Eligibility Inquiry/Response HIPAA Transactions & Medicaid Verification | Data Analysis | Project Management | Training | Data Analysis | Disaster Recovery | Technical/General Writing & Instructions Manual Development | CMHC/MIS Designer | Projects & Meetings Facilitation | JCS Invoices
Paul Nortrom
Information Systems Networks | Microsoft Server Setup & Maintenance | SFTP Site Setup
Jerry Schneider
SQL | Data Warehouse | State Requirements | Project Management | Meeting Facilitation | Selecting & Implementing New Software | New Hire Selection & Support | Data Analysis | Report Development | Automating Processes |Crystal Reports |HIPAA EDI Translators | Clinical Supervision | Joomla Content Management System
Alice Sharrett
Data Quality | CMHC/MIS Reporting | RSN Invoices | Conducting Provider Meetings | Training | Netsmart CMHC/MIS Set-up | Data Quality & Audit Prep
Shayne Spratt
Scripting | Unix/AIX Admin | Imaging/IRMS Tools | Training | CMHC/MIS mtSchedule | Automating Processes | Netsmart CMHC/MIS Upgrades | MIS Designer | C# | .net
Tracy Thompson
CoCENTRIX ProFiler (formerly UniCare)| Coordinated Care Platform (CCP) | Netsmart Technologies Avatar & CMHC/MIS | Dynamics GP Financial/HR | SQL, SQL Reporting & Data Warehousing | HIPAA Standard Transactions | ICD-10/DSM-5 | Meaningful Use Implementation | State, County & Regional Reporting Requirements | Extensive knowledge of Washington State RCWs, WACs & DBHR/HCA Healthcare Requirements | Unix, AIX, Windows & other OS | Data Storage Solutions | Software & Hardware Selection, Procurement, Implementation, & Parallel Testing
Sherrie Velthuysen
Central Desktop/Social Bridge Online Collaboration and Project Management | Data Analysis | Data Quality & Compliance | Data Dictionary | Technical/General Writing & Instructions Manual | Development Meetings | Facilitation
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Collabosphere 2015 and Netsmart National Conference 2015

Team members at Jet Computer Support/JCS Consulting Services are looking forward to attending conferences this fall.

Collabosphere is a collaboration conference sponsored by Central Desktop / Social Bridge.  The annual conference traditionally held in southern California will be held in Austin, TX in September this year.  The Collabosphere speakers and conference sessions are always outstanding and well worth attending.

The Netsmart national conference will be held at the end of October near Baltimore, Maryland. As always for the last 21 years, several members of the JCS team plan to attend the conference.

Diane Darling Networking

Diane Darling was the featured speaker at a wonderful networking event sponsored by Principia College and the Prin Club.  Diane is a dynamic speaker with witty and helpful suggestions to make networking fun.

In addition to Diane's keynote address, there were helpful sessions highlighting Linked In and sponsoring internships as well as a panel discussion about networking.