Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mindmapping - are you a fan?

Are you a fan of mindmapping? If not, you might like to do a little research about using mindmapping and the advantages. If so, checkout https://www.facebook.com/SimTechMindMapper/ software.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Documentation: Expect the unexpected... are you prepared?


These questions help evaluate your existing documentation
Are the duties of your key employees documented?
Often key staff don’t take the time to document important functions.
Is the documentation up-to-date?
During transition, often employees are too busy to document changes.
Does your team adhere to the organization documentation?
Can you quickly locate critical documentation/instructions for important agency functions?
Is there a checklist of important work, including the frequency each task shall be performed?
Do you have access to critical logins and passwords, and do multiple employees have access to needed sites, programs, functions?
Have you been reluctant to let a staff go because the job responsibilities are not documented adequately?
We have been asked to assist when key staff have required an
unexpected extended leave, or when key staff have been let go. 
Documentation of the duties was incomplete and inadequate.
Does your documentation meet auditor expectations?
If every agency was as accurate as they think,
auditing would be unnecessary.
Auditor quote: “If it’s not documented, it doesn’t count.
Have you recently experienced a corrective action plan related to documentation or internal procedures?

Do you have written instructions for:
  IT                                               Admin
  Accounting                                Medical Records
  Front Desk/Support Staff          Clinical
Would your organization find a professional review of documents and procedures helpful?  Would you like assistance with documenting key functions or preparing for/responding to audits?

                                                     800-491-4538 x2   or   info@jcs.biz

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning: Are you Prepared?

Business Continuity:  Are you Prepared?

These questions provide a guide for evaluating your existing disaster recovery plan
Does your agency/office have a disaster recovery plan?  Has it been updated/reviewed in the last year (six months)?
Is the plan published and distributed to all staff? Are employees familiar with your disaster recovery plan?
Is the plan practiced/tested?  How frequently?
  Annual                      2x/year           3x/year
  Not Tested                                              Other _____________________________
We recommend some tests at night and some on weekends.
Does your plan include/involve the entire organization? Is there a plan specific for each unit/department in your agency?
Does your plan prioritize the safety of all staff?
Is your critical data stored at multiple locations?
Are the appointments/schedules for each employee stored on more than one computer/available if the main system is down?
Does your plan include external sources for recovery tasks (data storage, paper reclamation, etc.)?
Does your plan assign key duties to the appropriate personnel (security, publicity, data recovery, payroll, operations)?
Does your plan include a telephone calling chain?
Does your plan include a regular review of personnel contact and address information?
Does your plan identify and properly prioritize mission-critical functions to quickly resume operation?
Does your plan cover/account for the following disasters?
  Severe weather (tornados, hurricanes, storms)
  Loss of all computing capabilities                           Threat of Violence / Terrorism
  Loss of access to the building                                  Theft/Vandalism
  Key Staff Unavailable                                                                Can you locate logins/passwords?
Does your organization have a disaster recovery planning/review committee?
Would your organization like a disaster recovery planning review, or assistance with your disaster recovery plan?
                                                       800-491-4538 x2     or    info@jcs.biz

Friday, June 9, 2017

We're "official"! WOB Certified

We’re “official”!

There are many reasons to do business with Jet Computer Support.  We have staff with a wealth of expertise in their field, we offer affordable rates, and we're known for our fantastic customer service. But now there’s another great reason to work with Jet Computer Support. We have always been a woman-owned business since our founding 23 years ago, but now it’s official! We have gone through the formal process and have been certified by both Washington and Oregon as a woman-owned small business. While this isn’t a factor for many of our customers, it can be a benefit for some government agencies to experience our excellent services while meeting requirements and goals for supporting small and woman-owned businesses.  Our WOB certification with the federal government makes us not only a small business but a micro business at the federal level.

If you need our certification numbers for your records to help your organization demonstrate our woman-owned business status, our certification numbers are below.

Washington certification               # W2F0024449

Oregon certification                        #10513

Monday, January 9, 2017

Jacob Morgan - The Future of Work

How many are closer to this model now than they were in 2013? 

 Our Collabosphere keynote speaker Jacob Morgan + Chess Media Group take a look at the future of work.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jet Computer Support: Some of Our Specialties

Jet Computer Support has been helping businesses, non-profits, and government entities for more than 20 years. We offer professional services in computer systems, electronic health records and technology. Some of our specialties include:
·         Systems implementation
·         Data entry
·         Data warehouse
·         General support
·         Programming
·         Help desk
·         Project management
·         Documentation
·         Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning
·         IT department and staff management/supervision
·         Electronic health record: purchase, implementation, and modification
·         Data import and export for contract requirements
·         Development of management reports
·         Training

Business Types:

Woman Owned Business

Woman Owned Small Business

WBE Certification – #W2F0024449


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Super Script - Conditional Changes to DST (data elements) Values using uScript for Netsmart MIS/EHR

Super Script – Netsmart MIS/EHR Conditional Changes to Data (DST) Values

The Super Script that we developed and use regularly for Netsmart (previously CMHC) MIS/EHR allows changes to the Netsmart MIS database(s) when one or multiple data elements must be changed based on specific criteria.

Script behavior:
Ø  The super script is used to update both record and stand-alone DSTs (data elements) using conditional logic.
Ø  The script can make changes either to a list of registers or to all registers in a database.
Ø  The script produces two files in the print queue:  One file contains the logic used to determine when a change to the database should be made and the other shows changes that were made and to which registers.
Ø  Both stand-alone DSTs as well as record DSTs can be updated.
Ø  DSTs values can be copied from one database to another (databases must be linked with a DST containing a register ID).
Ø  When updating DSTs the script can link from one database to another so that changes can be coordinated between databases. This functionality is sometimes used to make changes to claims, ISNs, and events simultaneously.
The script can make multiple updates from one set of conditions, or multiple updates from multiple sets of conditions.  In other words, the script can update multiple DSTs (data elements) from one set of conditions, or multiple sets of DSTs (data elements) from multiple sets of conditions.  For example:

Multiple DSTs from one set of conditions:
For all clients:
If C.STATE = "OR" and C.ZIP = "97217" then set C.COUNTY to a value of "1" (Multnomah)

Multiple DSTs being updated from multiple sets of conditions:
For all clients:
If C.STATE = "OR" and C.ZIP = "97217" then set C.COUNTY to a value of "1"  (Multnomah)
If C.STATE = "WA" and C.ZIP = "98001" then set C.COUNTY to a value of "17" (King)

Use the superscript to:
Ø  Update database record layers based on multiple DST values within a record.
Ø  Coordinate updates between claims, ISNs, and events with the same changes at the same time.
Ø  Update stand-alone DSTs based on the specific values of other DSTs.
Ø  Simultaneously make multiple changes to data based on multiple conditions sets.
Ø  Delete record layers based on the DST values within the record.

Ø  The current super script cannot add DST layers. It can only change existing data or remove data.
Ø  The script only accesses one record layer per update. You cannot use the data in one record to determine if another separate record is to be updated.

Possible additional script features:
Ø  A feature can be added to allow for undoing DST changes after they are made.
Ø  Recode tables can be integrated into the script as a means of specifying the changes to be made.

Ø  A modification could be made to the script to allow for the adding of data layers.