Friday, June 9, 2017

We're "official"! WOB Certified

We’re “official”!

There are many reasons to do business with Jet Computer Support.  We have staff with a wealth of expertise in their field, we offer affordable rates, and we're known for our fantastic customer service. But now there’s another great reason to work with Jet Computer Support. We have always been a woman-owned business since our founding 23 years ago, but now it’s official! We have gone through the formal process and have been certified by both Washington and Oregon as a woman-owned small business. While this isn’t a factor for many of our customers, it can be a benefit for some government agencies to experience our excellent services while meeting requirements and goals for supporting small and woman-owned businesses.  Our WOB certification with the federal government makes us not only a small business but a micro business at the federal level.

If you need our certification numbers for your records to help your organization demonstrate our woman-owned business status, our certification numbers are below.

Washington certification               # W2F0024449

Oregon certification                        #10513

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