Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning: Are you Prepared?

Business Continuity:  Are you Prepared?

These questions provide a guide for evaluating your existing disaster recovery plan
Does your agency/office have a disaster recovery plan?  Has it been updated/reviewed in the last year (six months)?
Is the plan published and distributed to all staff? Are employees familiar with your disaster recovery plan?
Is the plan practiced/tested?  How frequently?
  Annual                      2x/year           3x/year
  Not Tested                                              Other _____________________________
We recommend some tests at night and some on weekends.
Does your plan include/involve the entire organization? Is there a plan specific for each unit/department in your agency?
Does your plan prioritize the safety of all staff?
Is your critical data stored at multiple locations?
Are the appointments/schedules for each employee stored on more than one computer/available if the main system is down?
Does your plan include external sources for recovery tasks (data storage, paper reclamation, etc.)?
Does your plan assign key duties to the appropriate personnel (security, publicity, data recovery, payroll, operations)?
Does your plan include a telephone calling chain?
Does your plan include a regular review of personnel contact and address information?
Does your plan identify and properly prioritize mission-critical functions to quickly resume operation?
Does your plan cover/account for the following disasters?
  Severe weather (tornados, hurricanes, storms)
  Loss of all computing capabilities                           Threat of Violence / Terrorism
  Loss of access to the building                                  Theft/Vandalism
  Key Staff Unavailable                                                                Can you locate logins/passwords?
Does your organization have a disaster recovery planning/review committee?
Would your organization like a disaster recovery planning review, or assistance with your disaster recovery plan?
                                                       800-491-4538 x2     or    info@jcs.biz

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