Thursday, June 15, 2017

Documentation: Expect the unexpected... are you prepared?


These questions help evaluate your existing documentation
Are the duties of your key employees documented?
Often key staff don’t take the time to document important functions.
Is the documentation up-to-date?
During transition, often employees are too busy to document changes.
Does your team adhere to the organization documentation?
Can you quickly locate critical documentation/instructions for important agency functions?
Is there a checklist of important work, including the frequency each task shall be performed?
Do you have access to critical logins and passwords, and do multiple employees have access to needed sites, programs, functions?
Have you been reluctant to let a staff go because the job responsibilities are not documented adequately?
We have been asked to assist when key staff have required an
unexpected extended leave, or when key staff have been let go. 
Documentation of the duties was incomplete and inadequate.
Does your documentation meet auditor expectations?
If every agency was as accurate as they think,
auditing would be unnecessary.
Auditor quote: “If it’s not documented, it doesn’t count.
Have you recently experienced a corrective action plan related to documentation or internal procedures?

Do you have written instructions for:
  IT                                               Admin
  Accounting                                Medical Records
  Front Desk/Support Staff          Clinical
Would your organization find a professional review of documents and procedures helpful?  Would you like assistance with documenting key functions or preparing for/responding to audits?

                                                     800-491-4538 x2   or

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