Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Netsmart Connections 2014 attended by Jeanette, Jerry, and Shayne

Jeanette Griffin, Jerry Schneider, and Shayne Spratt just returned from Connections 2014, the Netsmart/Avatar software conference in Anaheim, California. No pun intended, many "connections" were made there with Netsmart customers as well as officers and support within Netsmart itself.

The conference provided many interesting insights into the direction NetSmart believes the industry is headed. Netsmart presented extensive development on a care management product that sits above the traditional behavioral health direct care model and treatment plan.  Netsmart is also working to expand data shared with HIE (Heath Information Exchanges) and is always looking for ways to improve experiences for clinical providers and consumers of behavioral health services. Some hard questions were asked, and it seems Avatar is improving issues with data conversion customers have experienced in the past.

JCS intends to continue providing electronic medical record, state reporting, HIPAA standard transactions, and data warehouse support to agencies converting to Avatar (Netsmart), CCP (CoCENTRIX, formerly UnicareSys), Psychconsult (Askesis), as their vendor of choice.  JCS also continues to support agencies using Netsmart's MIS (formerly CMHC Systems, Inc.) software as they have for over 20 years.

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